Monday, November 13, 2006

change is will be good

wow has my life ever changed. Its scary. It is taking some time to adjust...going through some much needed messy stuff..ah hard stuff. I have been so proud of all my independance..but never did i think i could have to support someone for the rest of my life who walked away from me and our life. Life sucks sometimes! but ii will be ok. I am looking to all the new beginnings. I have let go of some important things in my life (ie scrapping) but i will be back!! 2007 will be a GREAT year! It will me for Maia and for me. Miss all you guys. I need more time.....take care


Tuesday, August 29, 2006

i'm trying...

this little face keeps me going. Miss you all. i am drained...soon i hope things will better..i'm trying..........

Monday, July 24, 2006

hi there...

hi all you faithful readers!!
Just got back from vacation. it was ok. lots of maia time, which is always good!

I'm taking a break from all this blogging/scrapping world for a while.
Clint broke it off with me and i am TRYING to keep it together, its hard right now. I will read my favorite blogs...but for now i am going to take it easy..focus on my future, and maia.


Wednesday, July 05, 2006

me time

anyone in need of some serious *me* time? oh me!!

i've been seeing so many *me* layouts and challenges lately, and they have been making me think! i have come to the conclusion that i need some good quality *me* time! any one with me? and those that have balance and good *me time* please cherish it!

after stepping foot into the wonderful world of diapers, baby spew, and cute outfits from oldnavy; i have sorta let go of myself. I love every minute of being a mom..beautiful experience, but trying to balance a full time career with being a mom..somehow *me* time just falls a little short!

starting now i am going to give myself *me*time EVERYDAY! so i've complied a "to do" list (which will not include grocery shopping and toilet bowl scrubbing)

1. *me* layouts... do those great challenges.. create for *ME*

2. start yoga...again!! i miss it so..its sooooo powerful ( thursday night- i'll be there!)

3. start running/swimming...this will be the hard one, but i realize this one is most important! so i will start off with once a week.

4. massages...the human touch is so healing! so saturday i'm booked in for a 1.5 hour one! that one was easy!

5. get a hair cut...i know how do i forget to get a haircut? slacker.

6. read more...finish those books i've started, i've bought and the ones i want to buy ( long list)

well ok thats all folks..thats good for now! right? i will seriously make a BIG effort!. Lets all try to give oneself some *me* time! we deserve it.

oh i think i see a layout in my future..yes! i inspired myself. good stuff.

happy week all! have fun doing fun things and try to relax doing relaxing things! wow...that was powerful! LOL


Sunday, June 18, 2006

happy daddys day...

he loves her so much and is a great dad. Happy fathers day to all the dads out there!

Like his maia tat? ya i know its on he's neck but he insisted..i guess i could be a scull or the word death? right?

happy week all

Saturday, June 17, 2006

yes i am still alive....

..and very much busy!

we almost have our house sold...i can not wait to be out and into our new..dream home!! not until March 07..but at the rate time goes it will be in it in no time.

So i have been a single mom for about a month now..really i'm kidding ...but Clint has been on nites for just over a month. and let me tell you working 12 hours a day then coming home to a busy, busy 18 month old is pretty! single moms ROCK!!!

Maia is a total nut..lots of new words..

she totally understands the meaning of please. I have been trying to get her to say her please's and thank you's for a while...i was so pumped when she started saying cute!! its just now when ever she wants something and So knows she can not have it is sports her cute "peaazze's" and ya we melt.

she is so smart... everyday she is saying new words...she will be full out talking by two forsure. Potty traing is getting better..she is understanding the concept and we are trying to catch her at the right stuff.

Before clint went to work we visited my parents who were out camping at a local lake. i so let her do this....clint was not impressed but hey shes a kid...we did it and I cleaned her up.

so Now i am going to watch some hockey...NHL playoffs...GO OIlers!! and maybe a little scrapping tonight..and a movie...any good ones out?

happy saturday it really saturday already? wow


Saturday, May 27, 2006


finally some scrap therapy!! I packed Maia up yesterday and we headed out to our lss. i picked up a few supplies and when we got back i totally dove right in to it. so missed it! it took me a while to get my groove back .. and here is the results..i'm pleased!!

Today is day 2 with my retainer...iand i'm sporting a lisp! it is getting better...but man retainers are so annoying.

its a beautiful day here today and i'm off to start laundry, get some breakie for maia and me, walk to the post office..and wash the pen off my little monsters legs..she got creative!

hugs, and happy saturday all!!